GlobalLogic mobilized a team in Argentina to develop the entire iPad app from soup-to-nuts. The team was skilled in a cross-section of mobile, cloud, and digital media technologies, and it was well-versed in building enterprise apps that require a more complex level of engineering than consumer-facing apps. This confluence of expertise enabled the team to hit the ground running. Utilizing Agile software development processes, GlobalLogic was able to immediately provide DAX with a working iPad app that iteratively grew more complex throughout the development cycle, allowing DAX to engage with the app and make further improvements along the way. This approach directly contributed to meeting rigorous timelines.

“GlobalLogic worked closely with our in-house developers to manage the significant complexity involved in creating a full-featured app that exceeded our exacting specifications, as well as those of the studios,“ said Patrick Macdonald-King, CEO, DAX.


GlobalLogic didn’t just think about how it would build DAX’s app; it thought about how DAX’s end users would most benefit from the product. The GlobalLogic team immersed itself in learning about how TV and film producers create new media in order to develop a comprehensive solution that would streamline the workflow and media asset management processes. As a result, GlobalLogic elevated DAX’s innovation by suggesting more effective approaches to implement features and improve the app’s overall performance. The team’s product usability and design expertise was also key in creating sleek, customized components for the app.


  • Successful timely launch of app

  • Adoption of app by over 120 productions within 6 months of its launch

  • Full return on investment within 12 months of launching the app