To establish a center that is tightly connected to Innovative operations around the world, GlobalLogic took a three-pronged approach: attract local library professionals, introduce Innovative India to experts in the library ecosystem, and promote Innovative through a localized library outreach program. The result of this strategy was not only a responsive call center, but also a mutual trust and seamless integration between the two companies.

“GlobalLogic was extremely thorough, professional, and efficient in the way they connected with our team to establish Innovative India,” said Jay Shankar, SVP R&D and Customer Support. “They exceeded our expectations at every step–especially how fluidly they integrated with us–and this is reflected in the success of the center.”



Within one year, Innovative India was providing support, services, and development to academic libraries, public libraries, and specialized centers such as medical and law libraries. As a result of specialized hiring and knowledge transfer for a very specialized application, technical support and application support is handled by actual librarians who know the library system and Innovative software, while service and support specialists take care of product installation and software migrations and version upgrades globally. In addition, GlobalLogic was also able to help Innovative expand its engineering capabilities to release new software features and version— benefiting libraries around the world.



  • Established fully-functional, 70+ staff Innovative India “lab” in 6 months

  • Fully transitioned “feature team” product ownership of three major product lines

  • Established comprehensive Asia Pacific time zone support

  • Created global installation and implementation teams, completing 70+ enterprise level system “go lives”

  • Resolved more than 10,000 support tickets within 1 year