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We are advocates of knowledge sharing – so we encourage our talented engineers and designers to their experiences and insights with the world. 


Cashless India: Leveraging Possibilities and Facing Security Challenges in the Mobile Space

India is one of the largest markets for smartphones and mobile apps


Enabling Enterprise Collaboration Platforms with Mitel Embedded Communications (MiEC) SDK v6.0

Your Enterprise Communication Platform Should be as Mobile as Your Employees


Thinking Digital: Creating the Pathway to an Emergent Digital Strategy

we propose that “thinking digital” is a better way to look at things.


Processing and Mining Data in IoT Systems and Enterprise Applications

In an IoT / internet and things based system, a myriad of data is generated on a daily basis.


An Introduction to Windows Azure Blob Storage

The term “blob” is commonly understood to mean “Binary Large OBject.”


Security for the Internet of Things

Now Hackers are affecting the physical world and breaching user privacy in brand new ways.


Unraveling the Mystery of i18n Testing

The universal market has significantly evolved over the past decade.


The Role of Telecommunications in Smart Cities

By effectively leveraging telecommunications technologies, smart cities can connect various “things”.


Using Story Points to Estimate Software Development Projects in the Commercial Phase

New approach to project estimation that integrates the best features of both traditional and Agile-based technique.

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