Content Engineering

Modern products thrive on customized content and data. Our teams can accelerate content enrichment and data analytics and ML model training.

Digital devices — from low-level sensors to enterprise ERP systems — are inseparable from the data they produce, but without structure, this content is an untapped resource. GlobalLogic helps businesses manage their content ecosystems through both automated solutions and real-time moderation teams. From analysis reports to searchable 3D maps, we shape raw data into the tools that businesses need to make strategic decisions and connect back to their customers.

Content engineering min


In addition to developing automated solutions that analyze text, video, and imaging layer media, we also provide real-time monitoring services to help businesses manage their collaborative and social media content.

Data structuring and categorization

Reporting, Metrics, & Analysis Solutions

Multi-Media Content Digitization, Creation, & Translation

Automated OCR Tools, Pattern Detection, & Semantic Analytics

Audit Data for Accuracy, Completeness, & Formatting

Real-Time Content Moderation & Policy Enforcement

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