GlobalLogic provides experience design, digital product engineering services and Agile software development to global brands in all vertical industries.

We help you create value across the product lifecycle.

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations.

  • 04. Big Data & Analytics

    Big Data analytics software gives businesses new capabilities that were previously only available to governments and the largest corporations, from predicting market outcomes to better understanding consumer purchasing patterns. We help both ISVs and enterprises develop the products and services that transform this Big Data into useable knowledge that enables smarter decisions and more engaging user experiences.


Over the next decade, the amount of digital data is predicted to increase to 35 trillion gigabytes. GlobalLogic collaborates with businesses to apply context to this unstructured data.

Distributed, relational, and analytical database development

Data warehouse and ETL/data management

Stream processing and search and indexing

Work scheduling, reporting, and dashboard development

Data mining, analytics, and modeling

Internet of Things