GlobalLogic provides experience design, digital product engineering services and Agile software development to global brands in all vertical industries.

We help you create value across the product lifecycle.

GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services provider that collaborates with businesses to disrupt industries and expectations.

  • 05. Experience Design

    GlobalLogic’s experience design studio, Method, is built on a foundation of passionate thinkers and makers who care about good design done right. In an increasingly digital world, consumers now not only engage with products and services, but also contribute to their continuous development. We consider the relationship between businesses and their customers to design connected experiences that deliver brand in every interaction.


We approach design from the needs of the consumer, putting them at the heart of the problems we solve and the opportunities we create.

Brand development and strategy consultation

Quantitative market research and ethnography

Customer trend analysis and journey mapping

Design-driven product and user experience development

Technology integration and prototyping

Brand integration across all product and organization touchpoints

Content Engineering