Global Tool Manufacturer

Global Tool Manufacturer

GlobalLogic’s client is the world’s most innovative tool manufacturer, developing products for the construction, building maintenance, energy, and manufacturing industries. We have been engaged with this client since 2017 to extend its digital product roadmap and elevate the user experience of its loyal customer base.

Next-Gen Tool Management System

The client had multiple solutions for asset management and was looking for a partner to consolidate their solutions into a single integrated platform that can support multiple applications and devices, and integration with multiple external systems.

GlobalLogic developed a next-generation tool management solution that enables various distributed parties to improve their internal processes and daily work. We created a robust design system that ensured a seamless user experience. Consisting of an IoT platform and a mobile app, the system included features such as:

  • Search, Identify, and Book Assets
  • Check Inventory
  • Customize Location
  • Manage Documentation
  • Analyze Data

As a result of its partnership with GlobalLogic, our client realized the following outcomes:

  • 10.7% Increase in sales globally at almost double the rate of the worldwide construction market
  • 7% increase in operating profits and a return-on-sales (ROS) of 12.9%
  • 5% increase in productivity (i.e., saved a single worker nearly 90 hours of unproductive hours spent in a year searching for equipment)
  • Increase in CSAT score, with significant ease in tracking certificates and maintenance dates (hence avoiding warranty claim conflicts)

IoT Asset Management Platform

AR Tool Guidance Solution

Our client was searching for ways to improve the “on-the-job” product guidance and assistance experience for their end users. When working on a job site, construction workers are often unable to access the comprehensive product assembly and use instructions that are on the client’s website, leading to tool damage and safety concerns.

GlobalLogic developed a proof-of-concept for a blended guidance solution that would provide on-the-job assistance through an AR-based immersive learning application. Using the mobile app, users can:

  • Scan a product’s QR code to find model and assembly information
  • View 2D / 3D / AR renderings of the product
  • Watch and listen to instructions for use (IFU)
  • Export a 2D model, sequence map, or product list via PDF



Ar product guide


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