Major Banking & Insurance Group

GlobalLogic Provides Consultation Services for Database Cloud Migration

The Client

This UK-based banking and insurance group has over 30 million business and retail customers globally, who are served through a network of well-known subsidiary brands. The group operates in an industry that is heavily reliant on technology and where continuous revolution is required to keep pace with advancements in technology and customer expectations.


The Challenge

While the client currently hosts the majority of their workloads on servers within their own data centers, there is a long term strategy to migrate these workloads to public and private cloud. In pursuit of this strategy a program is underway to vacate two data centers. In order to achieve this the client must move approximately 350 workloads hosted on various bare-metal and virtual servers from those data centers to public and private cloud. While this process is challenging in itself, a variety of factors contributed to the complexity, including:

  • The Solution 1 2 3 4 5 Contention with in-flight remediation and consolidation work
  • Workload requirements that do not align with target platform capabilities
  • Workloads that span different teams within the Group and have shared responsibility
  • Systems that are end-of-life or out of support
  • The ongoing discovery of new opportunities for consolidation
  • Software currency


The Solution

In order to assist the client with carrying out their long term strategy, GlobalLogic engaged with business and technical client stakeholders to build up a holistic view of the current program. This was followed by consultation with the application teams to produce design artifacts and navigate design authority review for multiple applications in parallel. GlobalLogic used a structured approach in eliciting information about systems, analyzing data and producing design documents. This involved:

  1. Engaging with application SMEs to learn about the applications and document key information
  2. Analyzing applications and recommend exit strategies (6R’s)
  3. Producing high level design artifacts aligned with the data centre exit strategy
  4. Taking proposals to the relevant design authority review board in conjunction with client solution architects
  5. Handover of approved design artifact to client and to the team as input to detailed designs

GlobalLogic not only acted as the technical authority for workloads that are shared across the business but also provided advice and material support to application teams in pursuit of agreeing exit strategies for the data centre workloads.

GlobalLogic provided a recommended data centre exit strategy for the in- scope applications, which allowed the client to plan a large scale data centre migration according to the time constraints of their program. Additionally, a number of opportunities for enhancements to the target platforms were uncovered and components for future consolidation were identified.

What Value Did GlobalLogic Bring?

Client insights: GlobalLogic has extensive knowledge of the client’s business, internal structure and procedures. This was applied to ensure swift and effective progress was maintained throughout the engagement.

Industry insights: GlobalLogic has a well-established presence in FTSE 100 financial services companies, proven experience in cloud projects in this sector as well as strong partnerships with major cloud service providers. This rich experience enabled GlobalLogic to draw upon years of cloud and financial services experience to deliver an expert level of service to the client.

Problem solving: GlobalLogic provided accurate and decisive problem solving in a complex domain. Successful execution of this project required ECS to accurately assess localized application roadmaps and business motivations in the context of program and group level strategy


The Benefits

GlobalLogic engaged with all parts of the business in the data centre migrations and created a number of application exit strategies while identifying opportunities to streamline the approval process for those exit strategies. In addition to this GlobalLogic provided:

  • Impartial and pragmatic recommendations drawn from well- balanced analysis
  • Involvement in working groups across all parts of the business to ensure the correct application of strategy and involvement from all stakeholders
  • Impartial and pragmatic recommendations drawn from well- balanced analysis
  • Involvement in working groups across all parts of the business to ensure the correct application of strategy and involvement from all stakeholders

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