Fleet Management R&D Lab and Data Platform

This global leader in fleet management technologies faced critical business challenges within its vast product ecosystem. They needed a digital engineering partner capable of turning their vision into reality. 

Challenges included the complexity of managing over 20 parallel workstreams, a gap in in-house machine learning and data science expertise, and the task of overseeing 1.6 million drivers spread across 60 countries.

Enter GlobalLogic, a dedicated partner entrusted with the entire product ecosystem, covering dash cameras, ML/AI, ADAS, and the data platform. With over 100 engineers possessing deep domain knowledge, we swiftly established the client’s R&D lab in just three months.

Our solution encompasses cutting-edge fleet management innovations, including dash cameras and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) infused with the power of AI and machine learning. We introduced a revolutionary Data Platform that embraces a Data-as-a-Service business model – and the impact has been astounding. 

Our partnership has resulted in:

  • Maximized Asset Utilization: Fleet managers can now optimize asset utilization to its fullest potential.
  • Reduced Fleet Maintenance Costs: Costs have been significantly reduced through our innovative solutions.
  • Increased Driver Safety: Thanks to our advanced technologies, driver safety on the roads has reached new heights.
  • Advanced Data Analysis Capabilities: Data scientists now wield powerful machine learning models to conduct near real-time analysis on aggregated data.

Our collaborative effort with this global fleet management leader has not only addressed their pressing challenges but has also propelled them into the future of fleet management. 

Your path to innovation begins here. Explore how GlobalLogic’s expertise in machine learning, data science, and digital engineering is reshaping the landscape of fleet management. Learn more by downloading the full case study.

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