CIO Institute Roundtable

September 13, 2023

Decision-makers in banking, financial services and insurance are always looking for ways to step into metaverse banking business models without great risk and exposure. GlobalLogic and the CIO Institute were able to host a digital boardroom covering this topic. The roundtable session explored some of the use cases IT leaders identified within their organizations. Dr. Jim Walsh led an open conversation that delved into the impacts, opportunities, and challenges the Metaverse brought to the banking sphere.

Participants learned and shared their knowledge on:

  • Improved customer experience through new banking product development, with the Metaverse offering an immersive digital experience.
  • What De-Fi looked like in the metaverse and what impact it might have had on the banking and financial services industries.
  • How blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the metaverse could be used in conjunction with traditional banking.
  • Reaching more customers through education, visual sales, and the distribution journey.
  • The need for insurance on digital products as NFTs.
  • Internalizing metaverse opportunities to improve customer service with employee training.
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