How HR leaders can minimise the risk of losing hired candidates

Industry story for Rajesh Rai with ETHRWorld elaborates on how HR leaders can prevent potential employee ghosting in the digital workplaces of today.

The article quotes Rajesh Rai as, “In today's scenario, candidate engagement plays a very critical role in bringing down potential employee ghosting. It also helps the recruiters to have a fair idea of the candidate’s thought process and gives them more room to flag off any risks. Pre-joiner engagement is a fairly complex engagement that involves consistent and multiple checkpoints, as well as varying degrees of candidate engagements. If a sense of belongingness is established at the hiring stage, it can avoid or bring down any prospective ghosting at a later time. Imagine a free flowing, yet deeply insightful and consistent conversation with a candidate or a new joiner, or an existing employee on the numerous ways in which they can thrive in an organisation, would work wonders for anyone!”

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