Remote working: Open source technology for the win!

Industry story for Piyush Jha with Analytics India Mag ‘discusses how open-source technologies made it much easier to carry out critical tasks that otherwise would have hit a roadblock due to the pandemic.

The story quotes Piyush Jha as, “Pandemic has not only created disruption in how and where people work from but has also transformed the open-source technologies to ensure business continuity. While Kanban boards and Slack gained more prominence, Jitsi, Drawpile, and Riot have pushed the boundaries further, which allowed teams to collaborate and interact impeccably. At GlobalLogic, we have seen a rise in the productivity of employees with these tools at their disposal. While we have resumed offices in a hybrid model, we continue to operate open-source tools to ensure seamless continuity of work and enhance inter-functioning of the teams.”

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