Content Engineering for Leading Global Brands

Here is Your Opportunity to Accelerate Content/Data Analytics and Machine Learning-led Model Training for Content Enterprises. Come Join an Exceptional Team!

GlobalLogic provides customers with end-to-end content engineering services to support their content journey, turning raw data into actionable insights. We help businesses manage their content ecosystems through automated solutions and real-time moderation teams.

With over a decade of experience and a globally distributed team of content experts, we partner with some of the largest businesses in the world — from med-tech and hi-tech pioneers, to automotive and fleet management companies — to develop insightful content and data solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

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Key Technologies

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Jenkins, Terraform

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Cloud: GCP (The Main one), AWS

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Why Join Our Team


Opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies


Explore the best architecture designs


Build, innovate and chase new ideas


Hybrid work environment and transparent culture

Meet Our People

Ashima Taneja - Senior Lead

 I started as a fresher with GlobalLogic Technologies in 2013. Since then I’ve had numerous chances to be part of something exciting, to be able to learn new things as well as demonstrate my strong commitment and contributions. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on, while working on different projects which helped me accelerate my growth.

Moreover, I find myself among a great group of colleagues and managers who support each other. One of the best things I have experienced at GL is that everyone here is very approachable. Communication gaps caused by the lockdown blues couldn’t hamper our productivity or cause any unwanted stress. 

I feel fortunate to be a part of this exceptional organization.

Prashant Saxena - Team Lead

 GlobalLogic has provided me with an excellent work environment where everyone is friendly and supportive. Moreover, there is consistent motivation from peer colleagues and the leadership team to perform better. 

I have been duly recognized for my efforts and also got three promotions in the past 4 years. GlobalLogic gives you a level playing field and your talent and potential are always appreciated here.

I have learned a lot from my peers and leaders and I see myself as a better professional and better human being.

Sony Sharda - Senior Analyst

 I started my professional career with GlobalLogic and after almost three years with this exceptional team, I can easily say GlobalLogic has a great culture that promotes new talent by providing adequate support and guidance.

Additionally, I feel great about the competitive but healthy work environment as it prepares you for the challenges of the world outside of GlobalLogic. I feel greatly motivated and encouraged because of the additional perks like monthly incentives, rewards & recognition programs, and other employee benefits. 

GlobalLogic helped us a lot during the pandemic as they stood by us at every step when we were in need. Sent us so many goodies/surprises while we were working from home and made us feel important.

We Are GlobalLogic

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