Content Engineering

Modern products thrive on customized content and data. Our teams accelerate content enrichment, data analytics and Machine Learning-led model training.


GlobalLogic provides customers with end-to-end content engineering services to support their content journey, turning raw data into actionable insights. We help businesses manage their content ecosystems through automated solutions and real-time moderation teams.

With over a decade of experience and a globally distributed team of content experts, we partner with some of the largest businesses in the world — from med-tech and hi-tech pioneers, to automotive and fleet management companies — to develop insightful content and data solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Our Offerings

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Machine Learning

We train machines to turn algorithms and labeled datasets into actionable insights to drive revenue and growth opportunities for businesses. We deliver strategic market and customer intelligence, increased value of data assets, and accurate business outcomes.

  • Annotation, Classification and Segmentation
  • Product Detection 
  • Sound & Phonics Recognition
  • Sign Tagging and Labeling
  • Augmented Real-Time Scenarios
  • Training Data Set Creation

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You can trust our team of content moderation experts to safeguard your platforms, user rights, and brand reputations by carefully and continuously reviewing and moderating your web content and ecosystems.

  • Data-Driven Content Moderation
  • Issue Monitoring
  • Spam Identification & Control
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention

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Geospatial Content Management

We support clients to deliver the most advanced geospatial content management services. We help create, enhance, and maintain maps real-time, as well as and modernize and update maps instantaneously. In addition to having deep experience with the most-used map APIs, we are able to work across the breadth of geospatial services.

  • Basemaps and routing
  • Geometry Features
  • Navigational Attributes
  • Indoor Maps
  • Open Street Mapping (OSM)

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E-Commerce Solutions

We help global e-commerce players deliver engaging user experiences by applying human judgment and machine learning to classify, curate, and catalogue products. By harnessing product data from manufacturers and brand owners, we are able to index the most relevant results for customers.

  • Classify, Curate & Catalogue 
  • Trend Spotting
  • Data Analysis & Comparison
  • Product & Category Segregation

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Content Curation & Search Operations

We help businesses deliver more efficient search results and enhanced user experiences by leveraging human curation, data analytics, research, domain knowledge, and automation to provide structured data across locations and languages.

  • Superior User Experience 
  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Maintenance of Knowledge Graphs & Creation of new search domains

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Data Mining & Analytics

We provide a wide range of data-related tools and services, encompassing multiple extensions across multiple formats. Our data engineers also have expertise in developing front-end user interfaces, data parsing and extraction solutions, and crawling tools.

  • Data Parsing
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Crawling 
  • Data Curation

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Content Digitization

We offer end-to-end lifecycle digital enablement services to improve business processes and optimize costs, including document lifecycle and digital asset management services.

  • Claim & Invoice Digitization
  • Business Logic Validation & Correction 
  • Data Enrichment 
  • Search-friendly Metadata Management
  • Multimedia annotation

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Product Support

We provide our customers — and their partners — with responsive, multilingual product support services through chat and email support channels. We work with online sellers across the globe to support their e-books and apps. From user-facing chatbots to customer-facing support specialists, we can help you field questions and resolve issues across numerous media channels.

  • End-to-end Operations Support
  • Front and Back-End Support
  • Policies and Guidelines Support

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