GlobalLogic Data Platform

Accelerate the journey from data silos to generating actionable insights using GlobalLogic’s Inhouse Data Platform Accelerator


Although extracting value from data across an enterprise is a modern-day imperative, many businesses continue to struggle with the challenges of big data architecture, technology stacks, and hosting capabilities required for ramp-up. GlobalLogic Data Platform enables businesses to implement a fully functional, end-to-end data platform within a target or greenfield cloud account within days instead of months. Leveraging cloud native PaaS technologies, our data platform helps businesses gather enterprise-wide data, transform and enrich it, and deliver it to analysts for extracting value and insights.

Starting version 2.0, GlobalLogic Data Platform is now available with pluggable and modular Accelerators

Supported Platforms

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Industry Agnostic

Technologies/Works well with

Azure: DataBricks, Data Lake Storage, Blob Storage, Data Factory, Spark, Hive
AWS: S3, Glue, Managed Airflow, Lambda, Athena

Globallogic Data Platform now consists of smaller accelerators which integrate well together to provide a larger functionality set or can also be used individually. With V2.0, users now have the option to go with the complete GlobalLogic Data Platform or pick and choose from the catalogue of Accelerators within the Data Platform.

Conceptual Architecture

It has been designed in a way that it allows modularity, flexibility and extensibility

  • Modularity: Take the complete Data Platform or pick and choose the specific Accelerators within the Data Platform based on your needs
  • Flexibility: Configuration based implementation that allows you to configure and use it for different technology options. Few examples given below
    • RDBMS connector – gives the flexibility to the users to configure, connect and ingest data from various RDBMS databases.
    • Spark Execution Engine – users will have the flexibility to configure and run the spark based transformations either on Glue or EMR based on the needs.
  • Extensibility: Using popular languages like python the functionality can be enhanced or new functionality can be added as per the requirements.

As of now, Globallogic Data Platform contains the following accelerators

Data Platform

Business Needs


Eliminate silos of data that create roadblocks in generating insights and value


Implement consistency around the infrastructures, technologies, pipelines & processes used to work on data projects


Provide transparency around available data / adaptors / pipelines to eliminate inconsistences & duplications


Manage the tedious, non-trivial and lengthy process to provision, configure, integrate, setup security, access control


Enable role-based access control across data, data processing, platform configurations and APIs


Accelerate data processing & align with business requirements


Jump-start the data science team's ability to create and experiment with AI/ML models


Create a next-gen data platform and future strategy with limited expertise

Value Proposition


Enabling consistency and reuse around infrastructures, technologies, pipelines, and processes


Providing transparency around available data/adaptors/pipelines to eliminate inconsistencies and duplications


Being modular, flexible and extensible that allows customisations at run time, enabling easy to tailor solutions


Enabling role-based access control across data, data processing, platform configurations and APIs


Jump-starting the data science team’s ability to create AI/ML models


Saving time, effort and cost through consistency, standardization and reusing data components/pipelines.


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