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Fast, strategic advice to help your team solve problems, uncover opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage

Digital Advisory Services

For businesses looking to grow, pivot, or incubate new products and services, our Digital Advisories offer a structured approach to rapidly unblock specific problems that frequently occur across the product lifecycle. From process to infrastructure, architecture to data, our teams of experts are ready to help and break through the challenges you’re facing.

Digital Advisory Services


Agile process coaching


Data advisory


NPS advisory


Design maturity optimization


SDL optimization

Clear Direction to Achieve Your Ambitions

Unlike traditional consulting offers, our methodologies are grounded in our product roots - combining best practices in business design with a practical view towards the realities of building and sustaining a product organization.

Digital Literacy Accelerator

  • Designed for PE Investors and growth-stage companies, our Digital Literacy offer is designed to evaluate the strength of the business as a digital organization.
  • Through analysis of talent competency, organizational capability to deliver technology solutions effectively, customer centricity, and customer/brand sentiment, our rapid assessment provides clear insight into where leadership teams should focus first on their Digital Transformation journey.

Data as a generative tool to help you make calculated bets for the future

  • We offer a range of programs to exploit, as well as source, meaningful insights from data.
  • To understand your users, we offer data-backed segmentation to refine understanding of the customer (and the most valuable customers), and bespoke methodologies to connect behavioral patterns directly to the product backlog.
  • For marketing and brand teams, our NPS service offerings focus on helping our clients to assess, analyze and action their Net Promoter Score.
  • To grow your business, we offer market analysis and trend reporting to reveal new opportunities in the market, new ways your products and/or services can be used, and simulate and model possible new outcomes and avenues.

Practical strategies for overcoming technical debt

  • Our Architecture Advisories are designed to identify and establish the foundations of technology needed to deliver effective & efficient products at scale.
  • Investigations are conducted in awareness of the company’s systems of record, ability to support specific technologies, and business objectives.
  • Our typical partners are modernizing, with a shift to the cloud or SaaS models, or streamlining technologies to reduce overhead, cost, and mitigate performance gaps.

Process and organizational enablement with practitioners

  • We offer a broad range of enablement services focused on people and processes.
  • These bespoke programs can focus on specific aspects of the business performance, but typically span departments to optimize overall effectiveness.
  • We specialize in upskilling design teams, building a customer-centric mindset across the product organization, and software development lifecycle optimization, from concept & strategy to agile process adoption.

Why GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic helps brands create value across the entire product lifecycle by helping make mature products more relevant to digitally-savvy consumers. In an increasingly digital world, we place the consumer at the center of every interaction. We show businesses how they can better engage their consumers, innovate within predictable budgets, and bring the next generation of digital products and services to market in the shortest possible time. By using human-centered design practices, we help customers re-imagine their business, consumer interactions, and develop innovative products and services, with an accelerated time-to-market.


A digital advisory service is an expert team who helps to unblock specific problems that occur during a product lifecycle. They focus on several areas, such as from process to infrastructure and architecture to data.

Digital transformation is very important in the consulting business because it keeps companies current with evolving trends, technologies, and opportunities. It can also help with business processes from the front to back-office, as well as from marketing to financial reporting.

Examples of digital advisory include identifying and establishing technological foundations that are needed to deliver effective and efficient products at scale. Another example is investigating a business’ record systems to increase awareness and support on specific technologies and business objectives.

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