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Annotation for Sports Analytics

We provide meaningful context and a frame of reference to Machine Learning Models through Annotation and Labeling - by turning live broadcast feed into training datasets to be fed into smart Sports Analytics algorithms. GlobalLogic annotators analyze sports event videos and record and label key events as they occur. This provides detailed, labeled information which can then be used for advanced analytics on games like Hockey and Football, changing the way teams analyze performance and recruit players.

Sports ai


GlobalLogic partnered with an AI powered Sports analytics company which is revolutionizing sports by using AI to empower decision makers with predictive analytics. Using live feeds generated from broadcast cameras, GlobalLogic labels and annotates these videos through player tracking and activity recognition These datasets are utilized to analyze player movement and provide context to game analysis, through their advanced sports analytics models.

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  • Analysis of videos with cutting-edge computer vision technology.
  • Track the movement of players to draw statistics, which in turn helps build sports strategies.
  • Track on-field players for offensive and defensive play on field, and pull out statistics like speed, acceleration, formation, position, etc.


  • Using feeds from live broadcast cameras, we have been able to leverage player tracking and activity recognition to analyze player movement and provide context to game analysis.
  • This enables sports analytics companies, and in turn sports teams, to capture all events of the game for various statistics and analysis like Events and Player success ratio, capturing X-Y coordinates of players, etc - leading to a better understanding of both (a) the reason for success/failure of their own team and individual players within them; and (b) and understanding of the team tactics and player analysis of the opposition teams.
  • This data also helps in recruitment and transfer of new players; coaches and support staff, non-first-team investment, and youth-team development.
  • By analyzing and annotating human actions and postures, play segmentations help create versatile video games.