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Giving Coaches & Professional Sports Organizations the Edge

In the hypercompetitive arena of professional sports, competitions are won or lost in milliseconds or mere fractions of an inch. Do your coaching team, scouts, and executives have the data-backed insights they need to drive the best possible player performance?

As an experienced sports data analytics partner with more than 1200 games analyzed and 5 million events tracked, we help teams in 16 leagues empower players and coaches to achieve better outcomes by providing:

  • 12, 24, and 48-hour service options
  • 200+ skilled team members available 24/7
  • +95% data accuracy
Gathered around a play board in the local room, a coach shares game strategy based on sports analytics insights revealed through annotation and analysis of the previous night’s game.

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If you’ve struggled to improve the accuracy and integrity of your team’s data or reap more business value from its insights, you’re not alone. Data integrity, timelier analysis, and shoring up resources in peak season are among the most pressing challenges in sports analytics today.

How are your peers managing their sports analytics challenges and opportunities?

Participate in our live poll to discover new benchmarks and proven strategies to help shape a winning sports analytics program for your team.

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Sports Analytics Services in Action

Our Sports Analytics Services are a Slam Dunk

Advanced Sports Data Annotation

Cheering basketball fans are silhouetted over the court from the grandstands in this image representing sports analytics.

  • Accurately capture all in-scope objects and label in-scope features.
  • Augment your in-house team with the best talent, processes, and AI/ML-powered programs only when you need them.
  • Drive measurable improvements in gameplay, athlete performance, and business decision-making with over 95% accurate data.

On-Demand, Customizable Supports

Two sports annotators record events in a professional game and compare notes on their desktop and tablet devices.

  • Access our 24/7 team of 200+ annotators 
  • Activate game data quickly with High Priority Turnaround in 12, 24, or 48 hours.
  • Customize your program with contextual events and exact event locations, as well as key eventing insights such as motion, position, and success rate of events per player.

Sports Analytics Solutions Backed by Results

A sports executive stands amidst empty red and white bleachers, holding a tablet with sports analytics data and looking out at the team.

  • 5M+ events tracked and 1200+ games analyzed across 16 sports leagues
  • +50,000 hours of gameplay annotated across American Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basket Ball, e-soccer, and Tennis.
  • Clients who use GlobalLogic’s 24-hour turnaround events annotation win their next match 70% of the time, on average.

Why Sports Organizations Partner with GlobalLogic


skilled sports analytics team members


availability with 12-, 24-, and 48-hour turnaround options


accurate sports analytics data


hours of gameplay analyzed across 16 leagues

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