We Take Pride in Our Work

We have partnered with some of the world’s most prominent brands.

Content Filtering & Mapping for Desired Search Results

This Silicon Valley technology giant is one of the most popular search engine organizations around the globe. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2018 to ensure the sanctity, precision, suitability, and compliance nature of the online content.


Our team at GlobalLogic specializes in Content filtering, Mapping as well as content assessment. Because of this, each word finds its relevant place across all shopping categories and its respective products. This has in turn enabled our clients in achieving stronger algorithms that web crawlers could barely reach as they were not machine trained. This enabled a better-collaborated market for our customer and their buyer.

Based on the keywords used by digital shoppers, content assessment is linked to categories ensuring desired search results that entice and meet buying needs. This in turn bridges the gap between products and customers, enabling a longstanding commitment and relationship between the customers and the brand.

 Content filtering & mapping main


  • Globallogic caters to all shopping categories, from residential to commercial with accuracy of 95% and beyond.

  • Algorithms are trained to map/ club content that are synonymous to each other in a single given category.

  • We create a readily available inventory of Content that is mapped to specific products, leveraging the digital space.

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