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Creating Rich Shopping Experience with Content Classification

The customer is one of the most popular and advanced technology companies in the world. They partnered with GlobalLogic in 2013 to streamline their e-Commerce business and improve the experience for the end users. The end customers are constantly shopping and comparing prices online between different vendors. The customer’s mission was to make every information organized and make it universally accessible and useful with a huge focus on innovation, retention and user experience.


As part of the engagement, Globallogic took complete ownership of managing the shopping categorisation by using machine learning to automatically classify the merchant offers into one category. This helped maintain product accuracy, creation of a rich & browsable shopping experience for end-users, while improving search ranking.

GlobalLogic leveraged its content moderation expertise to further design and develop taxonomies and other data-models for shopping, user-facing and merchant-facing use cases. The team checked and filtered out blacklisted content to yield better accuracy and relevance of the data captured. GlobalLogic also provided intelligent data analysis in order to improve the queries along with identification of incorrect or missing catalogue information and duplicate offers.

 Content classification main


  • GlobalLogic is helping the customer classify ~15M products monthly in English and over 40 locales across 18 Meta Clusters further spread across 5000+ categories.
  • Reviewing missing, incorrect and duplicate catalog information for ~8M products monthly.
  • Filtering & matching factual concepts of ~1M products monthly.
  • Verifying brand legitimacy, establishing brand identity, and defining cross-category relationships.

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