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Navigation Maps

The customer is an extremely popular, multinational ride hailing company in South-East Asia. Headquartered out of Singapore and privately owned the company has been valued at $14 Bn. Founded in the year 2012 and spotted right on the leadership position, the customer had not yet ventured into map development at their own end. The unavailability of their own maps led to very high costs incurred in the procurement of third party maps. On the other hand, free third party map providers like OpenStreetMap (OSM) were not customized to their needs and the maps were not hyper-local. This made fleet navigation unstable for the current business.


GlobalLogic was engaged to take complete ownership of the customer’s maps creation, maintenance and enhancement. By quickly onboarding resources with relevant knowledge, GlobalLogic brought in the missing expertise and effectively managed end-to-end map operations. The customer needed to create and maintain high quality maps and add navigation attributes and points of interest (POI) details to further bring enhancement to their current maps offering. GlobalLogic used OSM expertise at hand and achieved 2 key milestones for them. Firstly, enhanced the features and details of the current open source OSM. Secondly, added fresh feature layers proprietary to the customer that helped them use the map for the purpose of navigation and routing of their taxi services.

As part of the engagement, GlobalLogic created a communication channel between the customer and the OSM community, documented policies and processes, and even trained the customer’s onsite map operations teams on the technologies. GlobalLogic also proposed new attributes to be coded in alignment with the customer’s use case and further collaborated with the customer to identify logics to be included in systemic sanity checks.



  • GlobalLogic is helping the customer improve its navigation system by plotting almost 2 million miles across South-East Asian countries.
  • Third party maps have now been replaced with customer’s own maps contributing to enhanced savings in their P&L
  • As a future roadmap, GlobalLogic will continue to create and maintain the map data layer consisting of road geometry. This would be further enhanced by adding ~14 navigational attributes which would help users by providing turn by turn guidance to solve their concerns related to incorrect ETA.

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