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Points of Interest

The customer is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. Being the leaders in navigation services, the customer had built their own maps and were successful in creating and enhancing their map data layers with respect to geometry features. However, with the changing dynamic nature of businesses, effective maintenance of these layers to ensure the accuracy of the Points of Interest (POI) / Areas of Interest (AOI) on the maps was becoming increasingly challenging for them. The customer was using a limited version of the POI data by third party vendors. However, with growth and leadership in this space, it became crucial and imperative for them to build their own data in order to retain and re-use it.



GlobalLogic was engaged to support the customer with their expertise in Geospatial Mapping services. GlobalLogic brought with them a talent pool with relevant knowledge, strong expertise and understanding of this niche domain.

GlobalLogic was instrumental in building and mapping the raw data for the APAC region especially for the countries - Australia and New Zealand. This helped the customer earn back the rights on the important POI data in this region, become self dependent without any dependency on third party data. This task of saving million POI data required contacting the businesses via every available medium to extract the data required special skills.

Besides building POI data & earning rights for the customer, GlobalLogic also ensured that data is maintained accurately for the end user. As part of multiple projects in the Americas & APAC regions, GloablLogic identified potential within their team and equipped relevant resources to perform different levels of quality checks for the data. The task of mapping and building huge amounts of POI data required the teams to perform extensive research, persistent communication and data extraction from businesses.

Owing to the dynamic nature of the customer's business and time zones, the teams were designed such that they would provide 24/7 support to the customer with no impact on SLAs or the quality of work.



  • Increased POI coverage and enhanced their search functionality by adding approx 50+M POIs to Map data
  • Enhanced user experience with Quality >99%
  • Eradicated spam trends across US, CA, GB, AU, NZ, IN, SG, UAE, PAK and BAN locales
  • Rapidly built of POI Map data in AU and NZ regions, contributing to increased savings in their P&L
  • Addressed sensitive POI escalations and resolved them before they became legal issues
  • Maintained Crisis maps during natural calamities, thereby increasing the user’s trust on the brand

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