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Since 1843, The Economist has offered authoritative insights and opinions on international news, politics, business, finance, science, and technology. The newspaper’s online presence further expands subscribers’ experiences through additional content like blogs, debates, and audio/video programming.

With more and more media subscribers consuming content on their mobile devices, The Economist realized the need to focus on digital strategies. In 2014, Jora Gill became the newspaper’s first Chief Digital Office, where he leveraged his previous career as a CTO to apply analytics and innovation to the digital customer experience. As part of his strategy to create more dynamic user experiences, Jora engaged GlobalLogic as its dedicated software development partner. Since 2015, GlobalLogic and The Economist have been collaborating on truly exceptional digital products and services that provide greater value to an active and mobile subscriber base.

Learn more about GlobalLogic’s unique partnership with The Economist in the below video interview with Jora Gill.


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