Employee Value Proposition & Culture

We’re looking for bold, smart humans to join us with their creativity, ingenuity and technical expertise to create the technologies of tomorrow.

At GlobalLogic, we put people first. For our employees we promise engaging work, continuous learning, and the balance and flexibility that empowers you to be your best every day. We bring this mindset to our clients and their projects, helping them accelerate the creation of game-changing solutions to elevate and save lives, creating a better future for each other and the world around us.


We seek compassionate problem solvers and talented thinkers who are able to harness cutting-edge tools and techniques in design and technology to create game-changing solutions for our clients, for people, and the planet.


We fearlessly lean forward. We use the power of imagination to innovate, help our clients imagine the world as it should be, and create exceptional solutions to elevate and save lives.


We believe that excellence is only possible if we nurture a people-first culture – for our employees and clients alike – leading to a more sustainable and inclusive future for humanity and the planet.

The 5 Pillars of GlobalLogic’s EVP


You Belong Here

We promise a culture that prioritizes people and provides holistic support.

Our people are our priority. From day one, you will experience an inclusive culture that embraces acceptance and fosters a sense of belonging across regions, departments, and roles. At GlobalLogic, you will build connections with collaborative team members, supportive managers, and compassionate leadership.

We extend our culture of empathy and support to our clients and their projects, aligning with their ambitions to make the world a better place. We build products that increase inclusivity and sustainability while driving exceptional business outcomes. At GlobalLogic, we take a people-first approach to delight our employees and clients.


Elevate Your Career, Amplify Your Impact

We promise ongoing learning and development opportunities to enhance personal growth.

You will experience a dynamic learning environment filled with opportunities to expand your horizons, sharpen your skills, and cultivate your abilities. Collaborating and working with industry-leading clients and experienced colleagues across the globe will give you an opportunity not just to upskill but also get the mentoring you need to pave a path forward.

GlobalLogic offers comprehensive programs, training curriculums, and on-the-job skill enhancement so you have ample opportunities to grow – personally and professionally.


Work that Inspires You

We promise engaging and inspiring work that ignites motivation and broadens your horizon.

Through a diverse range of industries, cutting-edge technologies, and partnerships with marquee brands, we offer you a professional journey that is both intriguing and challenges the status quo. Each project brings you a unique opportunity to go beyond the ordinary and leverage your creative problem-solving abilities to help clients imagine what’s next, pen the future, and bring new solutions to market. At GlobalLogic, you will work on some of the most complex and impactful next-gen solutions in the market today.


Be Your Best Self

We promise balance and flexibility, to support your work-life balance in tangible ways.

We understand that your life extends beyond the office and want you to integrate and balance so you can get the best of both worlds. Within our diverse range of functional career areas, roles, and flexible work arrangements, you’ll find the perfect fit for your professional and personal aspirations. We also believe that work can be joyful, and want you to have some fun along the way!


Values Matter to us

We promise a high-trust organization where you’ll find transparency, candor, and integrity in everything we do.

We want to provide you with a safe, enjoyable, and stable work environment and a company you can believe in. Our commitment to integrity and trust is a fundamental part of our value proposition to both our employees and clients. Our belief in candor, transparency, and ethics is amplified in joining forces with the Hitachi Group. We are even stronger together, as we lead digital transformation to help elevate and save lives, create value for clients, and build a more sustainable future for the planet.

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