GL-Cafe_LightLogo_Logo_Dark-1_4043051_5133480 GlobalLogic Cafe: Transformation in a Post COVID-19 World

Beyond the tragic human loss, and the devastation of the global economy, COVID-19 will continue to shape the future of how we live and work and relate to each other for many years to come. This session will explore the technology transformations that will be necessary for humans and businesses in the post COVID world. Our speakers will look at key industries and how they will be transformed by the new normals created in such a short period of the Pandemic.

Learn (1) how COVID successfully targets non-digital organizations, (2) which key technologies will become pervasive in the post-COVID world, and (3) how organizations can accelerate their digital agendas in the midst of a pandemic.

With over 30 years of software development experience in companies like Apple, NeXT, and PegaSystems, speaker Jim Walsh brings a wealth of deep technology experience and software development know-how to our audience. As GlobalLogic’s CTO, Jim is responsible for leading GlobalLogic’s horizontal technology practices, technical advisory services, and solution accelerator initiatives.

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