Optimizing Your Microservices Architecture with Auto-Scaling

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Unlike the traditional monolithic architecture, which is  composed of a bulky application, a microservices architecture provides a single application with smaller services that communicate with each other. It helps teams code better, use other components flexibly, and optimize resource and cost distribution in applications.

As an expert in cloud-based operations, GlobalLogic has worked on numerous cloud-based microservices architectures for leading businesses across the globe. In this white paper,  we have researched the most popular open source tools to help you auto-scale your microservices. By assessing these tools and the various methods of elastic auto-scaling, we provide a guide to help readers select the best scaling process for their unique project.

Along with information on concepts of backpressure and congestion, we have also provided details on distributed queuing systems such as Kafka to help readers manage their microservices architecture to improve the project scalability and results.


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