OTT TestLab

Enables developers to remotely schedule automated tests for their OTT channels and applications on a repository of 3,000+ devices without having to buy, duplicate, or manage hardware


GlobalLogic’s OTT TestLab accelerator enables developers to schedule automated tests for their OTT channels and applications on any device, in any location, at any time. With a baked-in repository of 3,000+ devices, this secure, easy-to-implement solution eliminates the need to purchase or duplicate devices, or to balance complicated inventory or testing schedules. Businesses can also use TestLab to host their own existing devices or even establish a local test lab.

Supported platform


Media & Entertainment

Technologies/Works well with

Roku, Xfinity, tvOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Tizen, webOS, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo DS, Android, iOS

Business Need

Begin testing right from the start of a project

Automate OTT channel & application testing to accelerate time-to-market

Reduce costs by "leasing" a device repository instead of purchasing or duplicating devices

Simplify inventory management and device testing schedules

Gather KPIs and metrics about application performance

Value Proposition

Implement our easy-to-install platform with existing infrastructures, or extend it with new devices

Eliminate the need to purchase or duplicate devices & avoid idle devices or ineffective device use

Quickly find available devices, schedule daily/weekly tests, and monitor device status in real-time

Design and implement a custom interface to access, support, and maintain your unique test lab

Easily view KPIs and make changes on-the-fly based on your channel/app's progress on a device

Use solution turnkey or integrate it into a new/existing test lab


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