B2B Insurance Platform


  • Flexible architecture designed to seamlessly integrate into any business that uses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).
  • High-security standards strictly followed by working on Azure Virtual Machines and connecting through a VPN.
Technologies: .NET, Azure, Azure Service Bus, Azure Functions, RESTful APIs, BPMN, Camunda, Java, Google Protobuf, Json
Services: Software Architecture, Software Development, Software Testing, Documentation


Our teams are helping the client improve its back-end productivity platform as a service. The solution uses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) as a standard for developing applications based on a microservices architecture.

Initially designed and tested on insurance policies, the platform is a flexible one. It can be integrated easily into any business that applies BPMN in its processes.


Our client is an IT consulting services company that helps businesses grow. Our team joined the project with two software developers, extending the client’s technical capabilities, and its team made up of an Architect and a Product Owner.

One week of training was enough for our highly skilled developers to understand how BPMN and the opensource Camunda platform work.

The collaboration advanced through daily meetings and mutual availability. All these, while following high-security standards by working through Azure Virtual Machines and a VPN connection.

Efficiency is the norm, as the joint efforts happen using Microsoft Visual Team Services, ensuring source control and continuous integration.

Client Benefits

Cultural Fit

Culture of open communication that nurtures teamwork and innovation.


Strictly enforced security standards.


Software developers with strong hands-on experience gained in a variety of international projects.

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