Healthcare Authentication Provider Gets a Healthy Dose of Improved Security, UX & Revenue in New Multi-tenant SaaS platform

The Challenge

A leading provider of healthcare authentication, access management and secure communication solutions needed a new multi-tenant SaaS platform to meet the evolving needs of its client base. Those clients, health delivery organizations with all possible workflows, both inpatient and outpatient, required a solution that was secure, lightweight, and easy to maintain.  

The original product had been available on the market since 2004. This outdated, on-premise solution required frequent software updates and maintenance across numerous device versions. It was costly and time consuming to maintain, and the user experience was not ideal.

The Solution

Designing, developing, testing and deploying a modernized solution that would grow and evolve with the company required end-to-end support from a variety of disciplines.

GlobalLogic provided specialized design and digital engineering support from eight teams to work alongside the client’s in-house professionals in building this new solution from scratch.

The collaboration kicked off with a Jobs-to-be-Done approach to assessing the requirements and involving design partners from the outset. GlobalLogic led the creation of a project plan that incorporated best practices for achieving the best market fit, following modern architectural patterns for distributed systems, using an API-first approach, and automating testing. The team is engaged in establishing platform foundations to create capabilities for some hybrid products to use saas infrastructure and covering specific medical workflows.

GlobalLogic’s solution included:

  • SaaS with Tap-and-Go functionality, enabling users to log in to a variety of medical applications and virtual desktops with a special badge.
  • Cloud migration to give the client the opportunity to involve greenfield customers and improve budgeting for existing customers while driving new revenue by offering a subscription payment model.
  • Automated platform updates to improve security and user experience even while reducing maintenance costs and giving the client the ability to test updates in a digital environment before pushing them live.

Outcomes & Benefits

The FCS (First Customer Shipment) and FCP (First Customer Pilot) have been released, indicating that the initial development and testing phases of the project have been completed.

The team is currently working on adding a crucial piece related to EPCS clinical workflow and support of Epic Community Connect. This suggests that the project is still in the implementation phase and that the team is actively working on incorporating the necessary components to ensure that the product meets the client’s requirements.

Once the EPCS clinical workflow and support of Epic Community Connect are added, the client should be able to start selling the product.

As part of GL efforts to optimize our operations, we have implemented technical solutions and process improvements that work hand in hand to improve efficiency and productivity. These solutions include numerous optimization and implementation approaches and creating a test framework, and the process improvements involve setting up of DoR process, improvement of release process, etc. By combining these approaches, we have been able to streamline our workflows and achieve better results.

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