Hospital Management System


  • Nurse calling and shift management module allows easy scheduling of the patient-care staff and allocation.
  • Provides integration with several medical devices.
  • Intuitive dashboard that delivers information and metrics regarding ePHI audit trails.
Technologies: .NET Core, Angular 2+, Protractor, Xamarin
Services: Product Owner, Project Management, Scrum Master, Software Development, Software Architecture, Software Testing, IT Support


A comprehensive and customizable hospital management system designed to effectively manage patient care, optimize workflows, facilitate staff assignment, and optimize administration.

The solution integrates a color-coded corridor light notification system that alerts and helps nursing staff prioritize and decrease response times when caring for patients. The IT dashboard displays all the patient details in an intuitive and easy to read card format: nurse in charge of calls, problems reported, time from request to intervention, medical instructions, a panel for calling a doctor – order an MRI, need a wheelchair, EKG, etc. The healthcare software includes direct integration with the hospital EMR and a staff-to-staff communication module.

The web and the mobile app can drive clinical transformation due to its customizability and scalability. Each facility can decide how the central dashboard of the platform will look and what functions it will integrate, from patient care to the management of hospital beds and operational and cost reports.

The solution supports from large to medium-sized hospitals but also has the capacity to suit smaller clinics needs with as few as a dozen beds.


Our team, in collaboration with engineers from the client’s side, developed the front-end for the solution: a web component that integrates into the existing system.

The dedicated Scrum Master is responsible for implementing, advocating, and facilitating the implementation of the adapted Agile SCRUM methodology.

Each new feature or request is analyzed, integrated into the project, and tested in the demo framework of the solution. We work on a platform that mimics the entire system in a hospital. It is capable of a real-life, full-scale demonstration without being connected to any hardware or software system.

Client Benefits

Industry Compliance

In-depth know-how of industry standards and regulations


Iterative development and flexibility with new requirements.

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