Vehicle Connectivity Platform for Premium OEM


  • The platform consists of a distributed environment of Cloud services that empower several premium vehicle models.
  • It provides real-time vehicle features like live traffic, remote diagnosis, remote control, and lots more.
  • From a technical standpoint, it leverages the microservices architecture.

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Azure, AWS

Services: Software Development, Software Testing, Integration, Support


The solution is a customized global software platform developed, monitored, and maintained for a premium OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). It enables Internet connectivity features, multimedia features, remote vehicle control, remote vehicle monitoring, and many more.

The features are activated, deactivated, enhanced, maintained, or improved via over-the-air firmware and software updates.


The project is delivered within a distributed Agile team by a core of accomplished engineers, each of them with multiple years of experience in projects for the automotive sector.

Quality and compliance are key for a product that must guarantee reliability and safety for millions of passengers daily.

The project follows the required software quality gates in the industry: continuous integration, code reviews, and end-to-end testing (pre-test, test, integration, pre-production, production).

Through personnel rotation and intense knowledge transfer, Fortech ensures a constant on-site presence of the nearshore team members, resulting in seamless alignment with respect to the required technology processes, quality, and legal standards.

Client Benefits

Quality Compliance

Quality gates align with industry standards.

Legal Compliance

Awareness and integration of European legal requirements.

Technical Advancements

Cloud microservices architecture hosted in a managed Cloud infrastructure.

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