Developing a Cloud-Based Point-of-Care System: QA Lessons Learned

By Jag Parvesh Chauhan

Learn how to overcome engagement challenges and improve QA in this real-world case study featuring a cloud-based technology solution.

Enterprise Blockchain for Digital Coupons

By Alex Pereverzyev, Anirban Dasgupta, Gene Leybzon, Orkhan Gasimov

Digital coupons are a great way for companies to increase revenue. Read the methodology brands use to incorporate blockchain into their coupon strategy.

Cloud-Driven Innovations: What Comes Next?

By Raja Renganathan

Cloud computing has revolutionized the ways we store, manage, and process data, with fully 82% of enterprise survey respondents indicating they’d deployed a hybrid cloud in their organization by late 2020.

The most essential technology driving the future of transportation

By Marek Galant

Automotive software has become the driving force behind the transportation industry, and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this movement.

Agile Transformation: Are You Ready?

By David Highbarger

GlobalLogic's Principal Agile Coach shares both strategic and practical advice on how to ensure your Agile transformation is successful.

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Immersive Technologies AR & VR in Education

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