AI and ML

How ChatGPT & Other Creative AIs Will Impact Our Lives

By Dr. Jim Walsh

ChatGPT and other creative AIs will undoubtedly change the way we live and work. Dr. Jim Walsh explores how and what this may mean.

Cognitive Automation in Healthcare Claims Processing

By Neha Kukreja,

Cognitive automation is transforming healthcare claims processing by combining robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligent document processing (IDP).

AI’s Impact on Software Development: Where We Are & What Comes Next

By Dr. Jim Walsh

Now that AI’s long held possibilities are coming to fruition, what does it mean for the software development community? Dr. Jim Walsh explains.

ChatGPT and what makes us human

By Dr. Jim Walsh

The ability of AI-based technology to perform characteristically ‘human’ tasks such as tell stories, write code, author poetry, tell jokes and compose essays on virtually any topic has shocked and astonished many. These activities are among those that we think of as particularly human. If a software package can do these very human tasks, then what does it mean to be human?

How Smart Cars Will Change Cityscapes

By Vitaliy Voloshchuk

Which technologies do we need to improve the quality of life for people in the city and make governance more effective? What role does a car play in the city of the future, and how can it make traffic safer? GlobalLogic’s engineers are already working on solving these issues.

AI is the Future of Media

By Yuriy Mykhaylyuk

From video content analysis tools to video recommendation engines, AI has already made an impact on the media industry — and it’s only going to keep evolving.

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