AI and ML

Clustering Analysis for Customer Audio Conversations in InsurTech

By Dr. Param Jeet, Sudhanshu Joshi

Recorded calls between clients and customer care agents in the insurance industry provide key info. See how cluster analysis can be used for better results.

Artificial Intelligence in FinTech: Part 2


Digital data is growing in the financial sector. See how artificial intelligence can assess market sentiment, avoid risk, and detect credit card default.

Artificial Intelligence in FinTech: Part 1


Digital data in the financial sector is growing exponentially. See how artificial intelligence can build and sustain a cryptocurrency investment portfolio.

NFC Tag-based System with Machine Learning in Retail Marketing

By Vashu Raghav, Mangesh Mandlik

Consumers expect a digital shopping experience. See how retailers can employ near-field communication powered by machine learning as a marketing solution.

How AI is Transforming Insurance

By Kapil Marwah

Explore the practical uses, challenges, and opportunities of AI in insurance. Learn how technological advancements are transforming the industry.

Next-Gen Blend of Retail & Online Shopping

By Vashu Raghav, Muhammad Hamzah

The next generation of retail will be a hybrid online and real-world experience. Is your brand ready? Learn more about an innovative AI-powered solution.

Will the Digital Evolution bring a Business Revolution?

By Avneet Kochhar, Harsh Gupta

Explore the impacts of digitization on the insurance industry and the potential impacts of digital transformation and insurtech on various stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence in Test Automation - The Next Frontier

By Parvendra Singh, Prageet Pathak

Learn how to overcome the challenges of automating QA testing with innovative AI and machine learning-powered testing automation solutions.

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