AI and ML

Automating Underwriting to Increase Direct Sales

By Priyanka Chaturvedi

Explore the challenges of traditional underwriting, key levers in automation, how to digitize the underwriting value chain, and the impact on direct sales.

Introduction to Autonomous Driving

By Sankeerthana Pullabhotla

Self-driving or driverless cars use AI and machine learning to navigate roadways while avoiding accidents and hazards. Learn more about autonomous driving here.

OTT Personalization

By Bhushan Balki

Over-The-Top (OTT) media platform viewership has grown with COVID-19. Learn how to focus on personalization for increased customer acquisition and engagement.

AI/ML in Claims Processing

By Akansha Jain, Prachi Dwivedi, Sneha Parihar

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming the insurance industry. Learn about the impact of telematics, chatbots, and more.

Why Gen Zers Aren’t Sports Fans (And What Broadcasters Can Do About It)

By Yuriy Mykhaylyuk

Technology is the cornerstone of how Gen Zers interact with the world. Can it also turn them into more avid sports fans?

Illuminating Insights Hidden in Dark Data

By Vivek Sinha

Explore the benefits of automating the advanced analysis of dark data. Learn how to derive value and meaningful insight from otherwise challenging unstructured data.

Passing the Ball to Technology: How Innovation is Impacting Sports Broadcasts

By Ihor Rohatskyi

Evolving technologies are now making high-quality broadcasts and personalized, on-demand content accessible to all levels of sports leagues.

Future Undercurrents for Insurance Underwriting

By Geetesh Garg

The advent of software has put underwriters and their jobs at great risk. Will they be able to sustain themselves in the era of machine versus man?

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