Micro Frontend with Single SPA

By Vimal Dhale

Incorporating Micro Fronted into Single-SPA libraries provides a stable solution for web apps. Learn about the best practices for deploying Micro Frontends.

Distributed Cloud Monitoring

By Vladyslav Branytskyi, Volodymyr Vyshko

Companies need visibility of their distributed clouds. Read about the solutions to overcome difficulties in monitoring and logging a distributed cloud.

Cyclomatic Complexity

By Neven Dima膷

Can you use cyclomatic complexity to gauge a project's health? Learn what cyclomatic complexity is, how to use this metric as a useful guide, how to calcul

Distributed Data Mesh

By Viktor Klymenko, Volodymyr Trishyn

Data engineers use Distributed Data Mesh to overcome today鈥檚 data platform challenges. Learn how to implement this architecture into your organization.

Cloud Data Platform Architecture Primer

By Surbhi Nijhara

Cloud-data platform architecture uses cost-effective processes, elastic scalability, and efficient managed services to modernize and transform businesses.

Enterprise Blockchain for Digital Coupons

By Anirban Dasgupta, Alex Pereverzyev, Gene Leybzon, Orkhan Gasimov

Digital coupons are a great way for companies to increase revenue. Read about the methodology brands use to incorporate blockchain into their coupon strategy.

The most essential technology driving the future of transportation

By Marek Galant

Automotive software has become the driving force behind the transportation industry, and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this movement.

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Immersive Technologies AR & VR in Education

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