OTT Application Services (OASIS)

In a never-ending world of devices, we offer an oasis

Today’s video consumer has many choices when it comes to streaming video—from choosing which service or channel offers the best user experience and performance to selecting a device—OTT set-top box, Smart TV, HDMI stick, mobile device, tablet, or gaming console.

Every year different brands bring out new models, while older models may receive firmware or OS updates. So the problem becomes—how do you provide a unified experience across all these devices , while achieving top-tier results and an efficient development process?

You need a partner with the expertise and experience to build a solid application foundation while keeping up with the everchanging variety of platforms.

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GlobalLogic OASIS™ — OTT Application Services

  • Consulting, development and certification services on any platform
  • Pay-per-platform at a fixed price—multiple platform discount
  • Post-release support: fixed price for support and minor upgrades
  • Supplementary services: custom analytics, tools, backend & payment integrations

Your one-stop shop

GlobalLogic is a design-led engineering services provider with extensive experience in OTT applications. Our OASIS program is a full-lifecycle turnkey solution for UX/UI design, engineering, maintenance and support.

By combining our expertise in multiple OTT platforms with Agile development and global resources, we deliver optimized applications that save costs, reduce time-to-market, and are built to adapt and evolve as devices and business needs change.

Globallogic offers services for the entire channel lifecycle—starting from UX design and channel flow to publishing and support.

12,000+ Global Designers & Engineers

  • UX & UI Design
  • Quick Channel Prototyping
  • Channel Development
  • Testing & Certification
  • Channel Publishing
  • Support & Maintenance

Client Devices

UX/UI design, app/channel development, testing, certification & support for:

Client application development

UI & UX Design

UX Design
Template standardization
Quick channel prototyping


Big screen client app
Mobile client app
Web client
Code base consolidation

Testing & Certification

Testing across various devices & platforms
Test automation across multiple client apps


Publishing across multiple platforms

Support & Maintenance

Post release support
Ongoing support

In an increasingly digital world, consumers now not only engage with products and services, but also contribute to their continuous development. We approach UX design from a consumer-first perspective, putting users at the heart of the products we create.


Custom analytics, Data strategy, Data Lake, ML/AI, Platform engineering
Integrations: Google Analytics, Omniture, DW, Conviva, Comscore, Goonhilly, Rollbar, Youbura, Xiti


Content search by keywords
Search history
Search results filtering by type
Customizable UI layout of results

Channel Settings

User Login / Logout / Subscription
Parental control
Content search
Content filtering


Billing integration
Integrating custom billing solutions
Interleaving with custom partner entitlement systems


Rendezvous style
Adobe Pass
Akamai TVE

Ad experience

Integrating customized ad logic
Creating custom ad capping
Parsing custom ad formats
Nielsen integration
Integrating Roku Ads Framework into RSG and Legacy SDK channels

100+ new channels developed, 1400+ channels certified, 150+ OTT engineers, dedicated test lab to cover various devices & configurations

Our Customers

GlobalLogic creates complex digital solutions for the world’s top brands.

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