For 20 years, Sustainability has been woven into our company’s fabric. Whether giving back to our communities or delivering digital innovation to the world’s leading companies, Sustainability is at our core.


Our Sustainability Story

GlobalLogic is part of the Hitachi family, answering the world’s critical social and environmental needs through our Social Innovation Business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate and personal giving has been part of GlobalLogic’s DNA since our inception more than 20 years ago.

GlobalLogic Ambassadors (EMEA)

Ambassadors promote our company values and our brand in all of our internal communities. Across Green, Education, DEI, and Wellness, Ambassadors positively impact the communities we live and work in.

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GL Corporate Citizens (India)

797 employees have volunteered 1,900 hours, educated more than 7,000 students, and raised 82,000 trees. Our CSR activities in India have a great impact on Education and the Environment throughout India.

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Green (Environment)

As part of the Hitachi Group, we fully align with their ambitious climate targets.


EcoHike manages environmental cleaning events on both local and national levels. We have worked with environmental activists, government bodies, local authorities, NGOs, communities, and sustainable businesses to further its impact.

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Under the umbrella of #GLGoesGreen, we aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle resources to conserve our environment. Our afforestation drives have created tree plantations where we have planted more than 80,000 saplings in India alone.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

GlobalLogic embodies a culture of belonging where all people are encouraged to be their best, authentic selves.
We promote equity while recognizing, valuing, and embracing differences.

GlobalLogic DEI Regional Accelerators

30 employees across 4 regional Accelerator Teams act as DEI Advocates, Agents of Inclusion, and Culture Champions. They initiate and monitor local programs across a number of DEI focus areas.

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Women Influencers Program

Preparing high-performing women for strategic roles and responsibilities. This program equips women leaders with relevant learning tools, mentoring & coaching to fast-track their career development.

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