Data & Analytics Services

Harness the power of data to drive innovation and accelerate your business outcomes

What We Offer

GlobalLogic builds end-to-end solutions that help businesses accelerate product innovation, optimize operations, and increase customer engagement. Our uniquely experienced team of data scientists, engineers, and architects are SMEs in change enablement, and we tailor each solution to your business environment to help you get more customer-focused products to market, faster. We can also help you accelerate your data and analytics solutions through our proprietary IPs, data platform accelerator, and consulting partnerships with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Splunk®.

Data Platform Modernization

Our experienced migration team ensures data platforms are built with cost, performance and scale in mind to address changing business needs.


Access a framework for development and operations teams that dramatically accelerates the ML development lifecycle.


Bring AI to your IT operations to reduce time-to-resolution and predict outages before they impact your business.

Fraud Detection

Implement a fully integrated AI/ML fraud model to proactively detect and respond to fraudulent activity — no matter how complex.

Digital Customer

Leverage modern platforms and AI/ML to anticipate your customers needs and deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences.

Where We Can Help You

GlobalLogic can help you build a business intelligence system that delivers quick, easy-to-digest insights about your organization and customers. We enable our customers to accelerate the pace of innovation and reduce time to value realization.

Data Platform Modernization

  • Enable access on-demand storage & processing power that scales to meet your business needs
  • Adopt cloud services to create Agile, responsive, easily consumable services
  • Maximize the supportability of your platforms while seamlessly integrating IT operations functions


  • Rapidly build, test, release & train ML models with automation & standardized frameworks
  • Deploy Machine Learning models in hours, not months, with optimized ML workflows
  • Continually support ML models without interrupting other business apps


  • Gain full visibility into the state & performance of your IT systems
  • Aggregate siloed IT & operations data in one place
  • Streamline real-time operations alerts to proactively address potential issues
  • Save time, money & resources with automation, accelerated analysis & remediation

Fraud Detection

  • Leverage our IP to develop an AI/ML fraud detection model that rapidly learns and adopts to increasingly complex behaviors
  • Enable real-time decision making across all ML use cases through rich model performance dashboards
  • Scale your solution to monitor billions of transactions in milliseconds
  • Prevent fraudulent payments in real-time through a single pane of glass view of logins & payment transactions

Digital Customer

  • Leverage our IP built on Amazon Connect to gain deep insights and automation across all customer touchpoints
  • Identify new customer market segments & anticipate needs through AI/ML capabilities
  • Deliver personalized products and services at pace with customer demand

Why GlobalLogic

With 20+ years of digital engineering experience, GlobalLogic provides a single partnership for end-to-end product design, development, testing, and continuous delivery through Agile and CI/CD methodologies. Our extensive knowledge of AI/ML combined with our industry-specific Centers of Excellence means you can be confident that your data & analytics solution will be tailored to your unique business environment.


Data analytics helps to build a business intelligence system that delivers quick and easy-to-digest insights about an organization and customers. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and architects can tailor each solution to the unique business environment.

Data analytics solutions can include data platform modernization, MLOps, AIOps, fraud detection, and digital customer services, among others. Each of these data anlystics types enables our customers to accelerate the pace of innovation and reduce value realization time.

Data analytics solutions can help organizations adopt cloud services to create agile, responsive, and easily consumable services. These solutions can provide leverage in developing AI/ML fraud detection models that can rapidly learn and adopt to complex behaviors, for example.

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