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NEWSCYCLE Solutions is the leading provider of software and services powering the global media industry, both print and digital. Their content management, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, NEWSCYCLE Solutions is a trusted partner serving over 10,000 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services, and corporate clients.

Producing & Packaging Media Content

GlobalLogic is partnering with NEWSCYCLE Solutions to develop the company’s next-generation media platform, which enables news organizations to create real-time content across multiple form factors and also package that content with advertising and additional information to engage consumers. NEWSCYCLE now operates 2/3 of its R&D organization from GlobalLogic’s engineering center because of our unique combination of user experience and complex engineering expertise. Our ability to blend our two cultures has also been a key factor to building a strong, collaborative relationship. Learn more in the below interview with NEWSCYCLE’s Chief Technology Officer, Talin Bingham.

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Collaboration with Leading Businesses