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We integrate experience design and complex engineering to help our clients imagine what’s possible and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses.



Kaushik Sarkar Kaushik Sarkar

Kaushik Sarkar

Group Vice President & Head of Markets, EMEA

Avinoam Kialy Avinoam Kialy

Avinoam Kialy

Senior Director of Account Management

Tzvi Kasten Tzvi Kasten

Tzvi Kasten

Vice President, Client Engagement

Eli Schwarzfuchs Eli Schwarzfuchs

Eli Schwarzfuchs

Managing Director, Israel and France Operations

Igor Byeda Igor Byeda

Igor Byeda

Senior Vice President & Head of Central Eastern Europe (CEE)

Sumit Sood Sumit Sood

Sumit Sood

Senior Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific (APAC)

Vishal Anand Vishal Anand

Vishal Anand

Vice President & Head of North America

Juan Bello Juan Bello

Juan Bello

Vice President & Head of LatAm

Dr. Charis Christopoulos Dr. Charis Christopoulos

Dr. Charis Christopoulos

Chief Technology Officer, EMEA