We value an open, caring and inclusive culture. We may be different in our talents, but we are unified in our commitment to creating an exceptional working environment.

Strength in Diversity

Our strength comes from our diversity across geographies, ethnicities, skills and industries. From celebrating multi-cultural festivals to hosting annual sports tournaments, we embrace the cultures and passions of all our people.


We encourage open dialogue between people regardless of any hierarchy. A transparent, collaborative and supportive work environment helps bring the best ideas to the table. Life at GlobalLogic is a mix of work and fun. GlobalLogic Club is the space to unwind for a game of pool, table tennis, foosball or even participate in gaming tournaments organized by our employee activity club. After all great ideas are born when you break the monotony!


We care for our people and enable them with the autonomy to harmonize work-life priorities. Crèche facility, fitness zones and wellness workshops help them ease of a stressful day and strike the balance. Caring goes beyond the workplace and extends to giving back to society. Via GlobalLogic Foundation we actively volunteer to help underprivileged communities and also host talent competitions, sports events and more for them at our centres.


A highly inclusive team values the uniqueness of every individual. It’s the strength in our diversity that binds us together. Talent and innovation are the common denominators that unite us across geographies. In an inclusive work environment, multiple perspectives blend to offer a new and richer outlook. We have an integrated workforce comprising of specially-abled individuals, people from various ethnicities and races coming together to celebrate their passion and ideas.

Employee Activity Club

Count on the Employees Activity Club to perk up a regular day at work. The enthusiastic club volunteers are always game to engage, energize and entertain you. Opening a door to new friendships, we focus on creating a positive and productive work environment, and a culture based on inclusivity, and fun! Around the year, there are theme parties, festival celebrations, talent events inviting individuals & their extended family members to enjoy and unwind.

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