Scaling for Success: How GlobalLogic Supercharged Reqtest's R&D

Reqtest, a Sweden-based SaaS company operating in the application lifecycle management arena, has made remarkable strides in recent years thanks to its partnership with GlobalLogic.

In this video, Henrik Andreasson, CEO of Reqtest, narrates the journey of transformation, growth, and mutual collaboration that has propelled his company to new heights. (Full transcript below.)

Henrik notes that he was well-acquainted with GlobalLogic, known for its competitiveness and excellence in providing product engineering resources. Recognizing the need for external support in rebuilding Reqtest’s R&D, he turned to GlobalLogic in search of a solution.

In 2017, Reqtest embarked on its transformative journey by downsizing the entire R&D department and building it anew with GlobalLogic. This ambitious overhaul entailed the assembly of a multifaceted team, encompassing backend developers, frontend experts, UX and UI designers, as well as accomplished art directors – each contributing the essential skills required to elevate Reqtest’s product to new heights.

As Reqtest looks ahead, the future is promising.

The company’s product is currently in an optimal state, experiencing robust growth of over 20%. This strong foundation sets the stage for a prosperous future in which GlobalLogic continues to be a trusted partner for Reqtest in its growth journey.

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Full Video Transcript: Reqtest and GlobalLogic – Unlocking SaaS Capabilities

Hi, my name is Henrik Andreasson. I’m the CEO of Reqtest.

Reqtest is a SaaS application working in the application lifecycle management space.

We’re based out of Sweden and we’re focused on the market of Northern Europe, but we also have customers throughout all over the world – from US all the way down to Australia.

I started as the CEO of Reqtest in 2017 and early on, I saw we had some challenges with our internal R&D. I did not really have the right competencies that I needed, and it was also really hard at that point in time to scale.

[On-screen]: Why partner with GlobalLogic?

So I turned to GlobalLogic, which I had encountered before. I knew they were very competitive vendor and partner when it comes to providing product engineering resources. 

So I turned to GlobalLogic to see how they could support me in kind of rebuilding up my R&D. 

At that point in 2017, I actually scaled down my whole R&D team and rebuilt it, with the help of GlobalLogic, to have backend developers, frontend developers, UX designers, UA designers, art directors – basically a whole team consisting of all the competencies I needed to be able to build my product.

[On-screen]: The experience of working with GlobalLogic

The team – the people working at GlobalLogic – are always very friendly, very talented, very dedicated to building the product we do. 

So even though we come from totally different places of the world, we have fun working together, we do great stuff together, and we feel as one team. And I think this is coming both from the culture we have in Reqtest which is also a very good fit to the culture within GlobalLogic, which is very open, very dedicated and also is very focused on doing great stuff.

[On-screen]: How do you see the future of this partnership?

The future is looking bright for Reqtest. Our product is right now in a really good state. Looking back a few years, we were at zero growth and right now we’re growing at more than 20%, which creates a very good foundation for the future. 

Here, I see that GlobalLogic has been a very strong partner for the past five years, and will continue to be an even stronger partner for the next five, ten years in building us to get to the next step.

We’re very fortunate to have a great product today, and I’m sure we will make it even better for the next five years together.

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