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from GlobalLogic Education

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The AI Marathon is a series of webinars designed for beginners in tech, providing valuable insights on integrating AI tools into their educational and career advancement journey.

Generative AI is one of the key industries in GlobalLogic. Also, it is vital for students as it opens doors to new possibilities in creativity, problem-solving, and innovation, equipping them with essential skills for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and artificial intelligence.

Throughout the program, you’ll gain insights into the workings of Generative AI and learn practical applications for your career, including building personalized chatbots to suit your specific needs and a live camera object detection program powered by AI.

What you will get:


Foundational knowledge in AI


Leverage AI tools for career growth


Practical experience


Rules of ethical use of AI

Organizational details


May 28 – June 6, 3 times per week in the evening time

For whom

for students of tech specialties and beginners in IT sphere


free with prior registration, we will reach you via email and inform about the details

Training mode

set of 6 online webinars via Zoom with the Q&A blocks


all the lectures, communication, and training materials will be conducted in English


after completing the program, participants will receive an online certificate

Program Overview


  • How AI was born and grew
  • AI in your career as a developer, QA, BA, Manager, etc
  • AI developer: the tasks and how to become
  • Examples of AI projects
  • The future of our life with AI

Speaker: Vitalii Miroshnychenko, Team Lead Engineer, Ph.D. in mathematics and statistics, Assistant. 8+ years of commercial experience in Machine learning and data analysis for Telecom, Healthcare, Fintech, and Retail.


  • Landscape of Autonomous Mobility
  • Market trends transforming the driving experience
  • Computer Vision and Sensor fusion for AD and ADAS
  • Interior and Exterior sensing
  • Success stories from early adopters of GenAI for Automotive

Practical part:
We will make an object detector and learn to recognize classes of objects: a tree, a pole, a pedestrian.

Requirements for participants:
Please prepare an image or find an example of images of road conditions. Github account is not critical.

Speaker: Dmytro Ryabokon, Engineering Director, has 15+ years of commercial experience in Enterprise, Fintech, Logistics, Embedded, Automotive, Mobile Security and multiple other projects. PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Associated professor, Executive MBA.


  • Large Lang Models (LLM): basic concepts, characteristics, and usage
  • Prompt engineering: how to create requests to Generative AI
  • Examples of effective prompts

Speaker: Roman Babkin, Lead Data Scientist, PhD in Physics, 8+ years of commercial experience, 12+ years of academic research. Domain knowledge in Telecom, Energy, Supply Chain, Automotive, Generative AI, Time Series.

Experience the latest GenAI technology: Let’s create an agent on your PC that is able to chat with you without an internet connection.

Practical part:
Use Google Colab to run your ML python scripts for free, on powerful Google cloud machines. Add notes, images, tables, and interactive graphs, and save them to your HDD as jupyter notebook (.ipynb) documents.

Requirements for participants:
Basic Python knowledge + Gmail account (access to Google Colab)

Speaker: Marek Volosin, Senior Software Engineer, graduated in the field of AI. 12+ years in C++/.NET programming. C/C++, Computer Vision in Retail and Manufacturing, Full-Stack web development in HealthCare.

By step-by-step instruction, we will develop a chatbot that you can customize to specific needs.

Requirements for participants:
Basic Python knowledge

Speaker: Roman Babkin, Lead Data Scientist, PhD in Physics, 8+ years of commercial experience, 12+ years of academic research. Domain knowledge in Telecom, Energy, Supply Chain, Automotive, Generative AI, Time Series.

The lecture navigates through the ethical complexities of artificial intelligence, from biases to deepfakes, pondering their societal implications. It examines the moral dimensions of AI training and the challenges of navigating truth in a world of simulated reality. Ultimately, it reflects on the transformative potential of AI on humanity’s future.

Speaker: Valentin Curtef, Engineering Consultant, PhD in physics. 20+ years experience in AI
12+ years commercial experience in ML/AI. The areas of expertise: Building Models, Model Predictive Control, Generative AI, Monte Carlo Sim, Risk Management, Production Industry, Retail, Energy, Supply Chain.

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