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Complete Healthcare Software Development Services

Our dedicated medical engineering experts are ready to assist you at every stage of your custom healthcare software development journey. start by tapping into our healthcare software services.

Our IT solution architects are your partner in building healthcare systems and applications tailored to your company’s needs. From a detailed business case analysis and PoC development to full-blown solution deployment and comprehensive quality assurance, we’ve got your back.

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Why Healthcare Organizations Partner with GlobalLogic


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Revolutionizing Healthcare Experiences with Technology

Though chronic diseases are growing in prevalence, vital signs monitoring has proven effective in improving outcomes and empowering patients to  more effectively manage their routine healthcare. This tectonic shift in how healthcare is delivered in the digital age presents exciting opportunities for innovative organizations to develop implants, wearables devices, and companion apps.

  • Medical Device Software – SaMD & Embedded
  • Digital Health Platforms
  • IoMT Solutions
  • Smart Healthcare Systems
  • Health Data Intelligence & Diagnostics

Where We Can Help You

GlobalLogic helps address the core challenges in adopting modern technologies in a strictly regulated environment by smartly balancing cutting-edge technology with rigorous quality management.

  • Patient journey & systems of engagement
  • End-to-end design, development, testing
  • Data collection, management, analytics
  • mHealth & connected care
  • Formal verification & quality oversight (QMS)

Some of Our Clients

We Take Pride in Our Work


GlobalLogic designed a new product experience that manifests Elsevier’s updated value proposition and better supports the research community and its processes.


Cochlear has completely outsourced its software product development to GlobalLogic, We helped Cochlear succeed in the hearing solutions industry.


Pollogen partnered with GlobalLogic to create the graphical user interface for the geneO+ appliance — a portable, compact device that offers a 3-in-1 facial treatment.

Looking for Specific Healthcare Solutions, Products & Platforms?

GlobalLogic partners with some of the world’s leading Medical Device, Medical Technology, Clinical Research, and In Vitro Diagnostics organizations to create world-class patient, caregiver, and clinician experiences.


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