Imprivata and GlobalLogic

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Imprivata is the digital identity company for mission- and life-critical industries, redefining how organizations solve complex workflow, security, and compliance challenges with solutions that protect critical data and applications without user disruptions. The GlobalLogic team cooperates with the partner in three areas:

  • A security solution that allows access to all hospital systems using a card reader
  • A web application that tracks electronic medical record audit logs for privacy, compliance, and security violations
  • An authentication management solution that gives users appropriate access to applications

The project uses a modern stack and keeps it up to date. Join us!

Key facts about our partner

Imprivata’s headcount has grown 2.5+ times since October 2020 and keeps growing

Project team brings together 70+ specialists Middle and Senior+ levels

Tight collaboration with US-based offices

Key technologies

SaaS Platform from the ground

OS: Linux/Windows

Testing: manual and automation (Java)

Microservice architecture

Cloud-based solution – AWS

SonarQube system is set – 95 % coverage should be in place

High coverage with dev test (Unit Tests and CITs)

Programming stack


Java 15


Spring Web Services


React v17

JavaScript/Typescript v4.2

Imprivata project has various features for developers:

Distributed teams

Day-to-day collaboration with the client team

Well-set Scrum processes

Internal security coding trainings

Working closely with the architects (15+ years of experience)

Join our team!

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