5500 kilometers from home -
pursuing IT dreams in Europe

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What distance would you be willing to cross to realize your dreams? Would you leave your city, your country, or even your continent behind? Automotive engineers from India have shown us that everything is within our grasp as they journeyed 5500 kilometers to find their new professional home.

A life enriched with professional growth, personal satisfaction, and international exposure may sound like a dream. And yet, it came true for a group of automotive engineers who decided to leave their lives in India behind and embark on a journey that would redefine their careers and lifestyles. The promise? A vibrant experience in Europe, powered by cutting-edge technology and the support of a trusted partner.

Your gateway to a world of opportunities

Someone once said that the world around us is like a canvas painted with unlimited opportunities for those willing to explore beyond their borders. A few tech-savvy dreamers decided to pursue these opportunities and began their adventure toward a promising future. For these engineers, GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, became more than just a company; it was a bridge to a bright future that they could turn to for guidance and support at every stage of the relocation process.

Their destination? Poland, a country in the heart of Europe. While it might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about thriving tech ecosystems, Poland is already a home to many engineers and IT specialists who enjoy competitive benefits, a healthy work-life balance, and a welcoming environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Reports, like Emerging Europe study, have even named it one of the most competitive IT markets, praising its’ outstanding talent pool. It’s no surprise that, for many years now, it has been a key location for technology companies.

Journey to Poland

For a vast number of IT engineers in India, Poland remains relatively unknown, even mysterious. Amogh Kudari, a Software Engineer with around a decade of experience in the IT industry recalls that his journey to Poland felt like a leap of faith. He longed for a deeper understanding of the automotive project lifecycle. One day, a GlobalLogic recruiter reached out to him with an opportunity in Poland, and Amogh decided to take the plunge.

“Certainly, I did not have much of an international exposure and did not really have any basic understanding about how the relocation process works. But from the interview process to immigration and relocation, I found myself guided every step of the way by GlobalLogic’s dedicated teams”, he reflects on his journey. “The immigration team patiently answered my every question, helping navigate through the complex process. With their support, I obtained a work permit and visa and in not so long after landed safely in Poland.”

A similar story is behind the journey of Madanu Kumar, an Indian engineer, who embarked on his relocation to Poland to find a better opportunity to work closely with the end product.

“GlobalLogic delivered. The relocation process was smooth, thanks to the dedication of the relocation team”, he remarks. “Their commitment was amazing and heart-warming, with my new manager waiting late into the night to ensure my safe arrival in Poland.”

Now Madanu is somewhat of an ambassador, encouraging others to consider relocation.

“It may be frightening to move so far from the place you know so well, but it is worth it”, he declares. “At the moment I am working on BCM (Body Control Module) of the car and additionally have the opportunity to fix bugs that our team finds in the cars, which gives me a chance to further develop my skills. At the same time, I feel less stressed, have better work-life balance with more time for personal life and do not have to worry about someone bothering me when I have a day off.”

Home sweet home

For Shilpi Aggarwal, a Product Manager that recently relocated to Poland, her new city of Kraków quickly felt like home. She discovered the beauty of connecting with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and global collaboration.

“One thing in a relocation program is a seamless HR onboarding process that includes educational and awareness training on various subjects”, she points out. “But the main highlight for me is the buddy program, which is a standout feature, providing invaluable support during the settlement in the new environment.”

In GlobalLogic, every new member of the team can count on the support of one of the more experienced colleagues, “a buddy”. These engineers are there to help better know the company, understand the processes and the work culture. The program is designed to make it easier for the new people to settle in the team and work comfortably from the first day in the office.

Shape the Future in Poland or Croatia

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, technology reigns supreme. Advanced software solutions have become integral to ensuring optimal performance, safety, and user experience in modern vehicles. GlobalLogic, with its deep understanding of AUTOSAR and rich history of successful projects, is a key player in revolutionizing automotive software development and integration.

Advice for fellow engineers considering relocation

The opportunity to work with GlobalLogic on AUTOSAR projects gives engineering relocating to Poland a unique chance to take place at the forefront of automotive technology and contribute to shaping the cars of the future. Amogh Kudari has one piece of advice to all of his fellow engineers in India and other regions of the world that are considering a fruitful career in the automotive industry.

“Embrace the opportunity, ask questions, and trust the process. With the help of the GlobalLogic Immigration team, you don’t need to worry about anything. They really hold your hand until you walk through the entire path of relocation and calmly settle down. And then you can make your dreams come true. Just like that”, he summarizes.

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