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Our engineers are developing products that impact the world!

GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, is a leader in digital product engineering. We help our clients design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. We help our clients imagine what’s possible and accelerate their transition into tomorrow’s digital businesses. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic operates design studios and engineering centers around the world. ​

For over 20 years, GlobalLogic has partnered with businesses across every major industry to make amazing products and connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities. In 2021, GlobalLogic was acquired by Hitachi Ltd. GlobalLogic’s capabilities, combined with Hitachi’s Lumada, enables us to deploy Hitachi’s extensive library of digital solutions to the global market and to help customers and societies solve their issues through Agile application development in the cloud.

​​GlobalLogic is a place for innovators and fearless, out-of-the-box thinkers. We have career development opportunities baked into our corporate culture. We hire from within as often as possible, and we encourage your personal and professional growth. In GlobalLogic, everyone can fully realize their talents, freely share knowledge, and create crucial things. Our engineers are developing products that impact the world!

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