DRB Systems and GlobalLogic

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DRB Systems is a leading car wash business solutions company that enhances consumer experiences and operational efficiency. They provide comprehensive support throughout the entire business cycle, from location selection to equipment installation, and ongoing maintenance. Our team is developing a cutting-edge platform for managing automatic car wash businesses. This platform integrates various technological solutions, including customer engagement, registration, and predictive analytics for car wash occupancy.

The GlobalLogic team is actively involved in developing the next-generation platform, leveraging a hybrid cloud infrastructure on Azure. This transition enables the adoption of the SaaS commercial model and the incorporation of advanced technologies like mobile applications, license plate recognition, Sisense BI, and big data. The modern car wash industry presents complex technological challenges that we are excited to tackle.

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Key facts

67+ engineers and 20+ opened vacancies in 2023

5,000+ clients worldwide

From Trainee to Middle engineer in 3 years!

3+ years in production

27 software releases

1400+ cars are washed daily on a single site

This year, 4 new initiatives have been launched to improve the platform's quality:

Load testing

Full automation of release and deployment

Development of software equipment simulators for car washes

In-sprint automation testing

Key technologies

Programming Languages

  • .NET Core 
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Angular

Operating Systems

  • Windows
Build Systems
  • Azure DevOps
  • Octopus deploy


  • LPR AND RFID readers
  • bar & QR code scanners
  • payment terminals and card readers
  • attended and unattended POS


  • C#
  • Selenium
  • Artilery.io

Key directions

Additionally, the project team includes L2-L3 Support, AQA (Automated Quality Assurance) team, Performance and Release Management sub— teams.

This team is responsible for implementing new hardware modules into the system, integrating them, and ensuring the continuous operation of these modules. They handle tasks such as integrating attended and unattended POS terminals and have a constant backlog of development and implementation tasks.

The payment team focuses on integrating with payment systems and providers, as well as programming and developing support for new versions of payment terminals. In addition to working with hardware, they develop mechanisms for handling payments, pricing, discounts, upsell offers, and other functionalities to help car wash owners increase their revenue through additional services.

This team is dedicated to developing and customizing the mobile application for car wash owners. The application enables customers to purchase car washes, track their expenses, and receive additional offers and bonuses. The team ensures the seamless integration of the application with the existing platform.

The platform development team is responsible for developing the platform and implementing technological improvements. Their tasks include enhancing the data synchronization module and ensuring the overall performance and functionality of the platform.


Artur, BE Engineer

We have a big hardware project, full of Interesting tasks. Plus, a team of professionals, well-established processes and great people. Our team focuses on developing and supporting the infrastructure that enables the efficient work of other teams.  The project is very complex and fascinating. As a beginner developer, I was very lucky to get here.

Alona, QA Engineer

We collaborate closely to deliver high-quality products that meet the users` needs. As a junior QA engineer, I’m contributing to the delivery of software by conducting thorough testing.

I would highly recommend this project to my friends as it offers a great opportunity for personal and professional growth, allowing to expand their skills and knowledge.

Dmytro, Product Owner

The big and interesting project which offers lots of challenges and opportunities in multiple areas. It also offers an opportunity to collaborate with expert and seasoned people.

This is a hardware project, we have our own laboratory with literally tons of hardware in it. So if you aspire to create something that will help people in their everyday lives – we are waiting for you!

Why join us

Openness and friendly atmosphere

Work-life balance and flexible working hours

Possibility to work remotely

Special project benefits:

Team buildings

We have a strong tradition of both in-office and off-site team building events.


Regular knowledge sharing sessions and weekly training sessions for improved soft skills.


We celebrate holidays, dining together, and organizing online events for our team.

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