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Everything in the world runs on digital technology. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, and even during sleep — you are interacting with technologies that enhance our lives and make the world a better place. All of these interactions are created using the software. In today's world, software engineers have the magical power to innovate and help create a better future for people and the planet. Software Engineers make an impact beyond the code.

Impact in Media

GlobalLogic engineers are creating technologies today that the world will use tomorrow. You feel the impact of our engineers when you watch an impressive movie on a streaming service. Enjoying a spectacular football match. Or, for example, watching the exciting opening of the Olympic Games.

Much of today's world music is created with software developed by GlobalLogic engineers. And digitalization of paper media saved thousands of trees on the planet.

We are proud of the impact our people make on this world. Join a team to create important things together.

Impact in Healthcare

GlobalLogic engineers make an impact on the lives of each of us. More than 22 million people in the world use the developments of our specialists in the medical field.

The software code of GlobalLogic engineers makes blood donation safe, ensures the operation of defibrillators and insulin pumps. He also manages pain-relieving implants and complex resuscitation equipment.

The code of our developers saves life, and also makes it healthier, more active and happier. You use the developments of GlobalLogic engineers when you do sports or monitor healthy sleep.

The impact that engineers make to the Healthcare industry is truly invaluable. Join a team to do important things together.

Impact in Automotive

Engineers make modern cars smart, interactive, and most importantly, safer and more environmentally friendly. We at GlobalLogic help the top brands of the global automotive industry to change the perception of the modern car.

On average, a person today spends 500 hours! in a car for a year. The cars programmed by our engineers allow you to spend this time interestingly, usefully, and most importantly, make car travel safer.

We are engaged in the development of infotainment systems, autopilot, collision avoidance systems, car computer vision functions, and other important things.
Join a team of engineers impact to the cars of the future:

Why it's important to share stories of your own impact

Gathering requirements, planning and distributing tasks, development, code review, testing and committing new features, retrospective with the team — at first glance, the work of most IT specialists looks like this.
 But in reality, the results of this work extend far beyond the software code. Thanks to the impact of developers, the world becomes healthier, safer, and more ecological. We communicate with each other via video, watch our favorite series on streaming, visit a doctor online or watch the fantastic opening of the Olympic Games. Smart medical devices, such as blood donation machines, insulin pumps, pain-relieving implants, or autopilot cars were also created thanks to the impact of GlobalLogic’s developers in particular. They spread the impact through their code.


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