Online TechTalk: AUTOSAR NvM:
Do Cars Go Down Memory Lane?

November 22, 3:30 PM CEST / 7:00 PM IST

Buckle up, AUTOSAR enthusiasts! 

Join our webinar to explore the world of car data storage. Wondering what information your car collects? Prepare to be surprised! 

But don’t worry, this webinar isn’t just a catchy title – we’ve got some great content lined up:

Understanding Data Storage: We'll dig deep into how and what data your car stores, breaking down the complicated technology behind it.

Memory Errors in Older Cars: Older vehicles face unique challenges due to memory errors, causing strange issues. We'll uncover the mysteries behind these problems.

The Myth of Rebooting: Ever heard of the "turn it off and on again" trick? Find out why it doesn't always work for car issues in the digital age – there are limitations you need to know about.

Cars and Elephants: Believe it or not, there are interesting similarities between cars and elephants. We'll reveal these surprising connections, offering insights that tie the automotive world together.

AUTOSAR Insights: Of course, we can't forget about AUTOSAR. We'll take a deep dive into this topic, specifically tailored for experts like you.

If you’re eager to understand how cars store data, tackle memory errors, and want insights designed just for experts, this webinar is your ticket to an fascinating journey. Don’t miss out – your automotive knowledge is about to level up!


22nd November 2023


3:30 PM CEST
7:00 PM IST


1 hour


Online, Zoom



About the speaker

Automotive software architect who really likes AUTOSAR. He’s worked in automotive since the year that The Avengers premiered in the cinemas. He has always been wondering what can go wrong and how to prevent it, in fact, he was wondering so hard that he has done a PhD in automotive software quality.

He’s worked on software products for hypercars, sports cars, luxury cars, everyday cars, post office cars, software platforms for multiple carlines… you name it.

During his career, he unchangeably always states that the most important thing in software is a good team of colleagues who will allow you to solve just about anything.

Patryk Pankiewicz
Senior Consultant

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